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Based in Calgary, Alta., Keane Straub (he/they) is a graduate of SAIT's journalism diploma program, majoring in both print and photojournalism.  


His first love is writing, and he soon  discovered that photography would play an integral role in his education and development of his overall skills.

Straub's interest in writing includes blogging and profile and feature writing – as he sees it, everyone has a story to tell. He is proficient in both news style reporting and informal storytelling, and uses each to their full potentials.


Straub's photography experience is varied.  As an assistant instructor at SAIT, he had the pleasure of working with some of Alberta's best photographers. He has photographed several events in and around Calgary, and has made headshots, candids, and event photos.

In their spare time, Straub enjoys discovering local breweries, studying light, reading up on Mt. Everest, making good choices, and taking cool pictures.

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