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The Value of Connection

LINK Magazine, Fall 2021

Value Proposition feature.png

SAIT grad Keane Straub explores the ways alumni are gaining value from their connections with SAIT.

(Words by Keane Straub / Images by  Keane Straub and Nick Sopczak)

In the Loop

LINK Magazine, Fall 2020


In the Loop with SAIT Alumni Stephanie Joe (JA '16), who talks about her Indigenous heritage, and the importance of Indigenous story tellers.

(Words, images, and video by Keane Straub)

Mom's the Word

Chef's Tips Culinaire Magazine, May 2021

chef's tips may.png

Chef's Tips is a monthly column in Culinaire Magazine that highlights Alberta chefs, their backgrounds, and features recipes for readers to recreate at home. 

(words by Keane Straub)


Shot over eight weeks from January to March 2020, Barbatus is a short exploration of contemporary and bearded archetypes, and the people who wear beards in real life.


I assigned archetypal roles based personality. In most instances, the subjects admitted they were stepping outside of their comfort zone, or that they had always wanted to do a photoshoot but hadn't had the opportunity to do so. This project not only affected the subjects, but also improved the quality of my work, my understanding of light, and my connection to subjects while shooting.

Time, Light, & Silver

Time, Light, & Silver is a mini documentary produced by Keane Straub and Luca Staffa and is a final project as part of the journalism diploma at SAIT. Wet-plate collodion photographer and alchemist Riley J.B. talks about the appeal of his craft, and gives viewers an inside look at the organic process of creating images using time, light, and silver.

Their Stories Matter

This short clip is a supplemental piece soley produced by Keane Straub, and accompanies In the Loop from the Fall, 2020 issue of LINK Magazine. It features Stephanie Joe as she recalls a memory from her childhood growing up in Whitehorse.

Bottle Rock

Bottle Rock was created by Keane Straub to promote the 2021 Alberta Beverage Awards on social media and features still images of the 2020 winners taken by Jason Dziver.


Cover design for the October 2021 issue of Culinaire Magazine featuring the winners of the 2021 Alberta Beverage Awards

Logo designs for Culinaire Magazine's 'Calgary's Best' series 

Oct 21 cover logo.png

Original Image created by Keane Straub

HighRes_culinaire_2021_awards (Page 1).jpg

Final cover by Keane Straub and Kendra Roberts

Untitled design (3).png
Untitled design (2).png
Untitled design (1)_edited.png

Juniper Cannabis & Culture is a conceptual magazine created, designed, and executed from the ground up by Keane Straub for part of the journalism diploma at SAIT.  It required work in several different mediums, and features articles researched and written by Straub, as well as original photos, layout, and design features by them. Click on the logo to see the digital issue on


As the multimedia editor of Culinaire Magazine, much of my work is based on social media posts for Culinaire's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I used a combination of Canva, images captured by both our staff photographer and myself, short video clips, and Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, to create posts.  I also write the copy / captions, and have experience using scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, Later, and Zoho.

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