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Mini Project - SAIT School of Hospitality & Tourism

The overall goal with these posts was to create a cohesive brand / style that is recognisable as that of not only the Demonstration Theatre at SAIT, but the entire John Ware building, and the facilities within. The colour palette was chosen based on the design mock-ups viewed during the first part of this interview, and fonts were kept clean and bold, making a statement but not detracting from the message.


In terms of style and content, I have created two videos (for use on any platform) and one Instagram post, the latter of which can be static slides (swipe for more!) or animated – I have included the animated one here for consideration

1. The first video (Make it Yours) is almost like a welcome teaser from a first-person perspective. The challenge was making it look inviting, while having access to only so much footage. It would be greatly enhanced by footage of actual people – students and instructors – as they use the space as it is intended: demonstration, interaction, and collaboration. The message here speaks directly to prospective students, with an emphasis on ‘you’, the viewer. What can you make of yourself, your talent, your passion at SAIT’s School of Hospitality & Tourism? Come in and make it yours.

We all have an idea of what goes into great food and beverage: the best ingredients prepared and served to the highest standards. But what about the person behind the preparation? Passion, talent, and the highest level of industry experience. At the new Demonstration Theatre at SAIT’s School of Hospitality & Tourism you’ll get a taste of it all: demonstration, interaction, and collaboration. Welcome to your next big adventure!

The second video (We Saved You a Spot ) moves fast, with cut scenes, still images, and music. It perhaps speaks to younger prospective students but is still accessible to any demographic. Here we see the use of food images, which of course can only be enhanced by including those of people in action as previously described. The message here is that this is a fast-paced environment, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s an invitation: you and your talent belong here.

Find your stride and keep your momentum at the Demonstration Theatre at SAIT’s School of Hospitality & Tourism. Make your mark in the fast-paced industry of hospitality and tourism with this fully quipped space, and collaborate with students, instructors, and alumni. There’s a spot waiting just for you – head to the link in our bio!

The third piece included is the Instagram post, using still images captured in the Demonstration Theatre from three different points-of-view: entering the space, a side-line or approaching view, and then that of the seating area. Descriptive captions on the ‘slides’ share details about what makes this space great: the School of Hospitality & Tourism took advantage of the events over the last two years, saw an opportunity to improve in a lot of ways which will translate to success for students, instructors, and alumni alike.

Every now and then we need to take a moment and revaluate the situation: What’s working? What could be better? What do we want to make of ourselves? At SAIT we’ve upped our game with our newly opened Demonstration Theatre, a fully equipped interactive space, available to students, faculty, and alumni of the School of Hospitality & Tourism. Make it yours, here, now.

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