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Juniper is young, fresh, and thriving, and the first to go back to its roots to celebrate this budding industry in the unique setting of the Rocky Mountains.Rolling cannabis and culture into bi-monthly issues, Juniper encourages the exploration of cannabis through local art, music, food, business, health and lifestyle, and technology.  Our readers are young, and young-at-heart, and enjoy thoughtful discussion, new innovations and products, well-researched articles, and tried and tested recipes. Each issue is cultivated in Calgary, Alberta, and is distributed in head shops, smoke shops, newsstands, and bookstores in Calgary and the outlying areas of Bragg Creek, Banff, Canmore, Airdrie, Okotoks, and High River.  

In the second semester of SAIT's journalism project, Keane was assigned a project that would last the entirety of that second semester.  The end product would be a magazine on a topic of our choosing, relative to Calgary and the surrounding area. 

Starting from the ground up, each student chose a subject matter that interested them and created a press kit, readership profile, and an operational budget; as well as a website and twitter account related to the magazine.  Working independently, and utilizing the Adobe Design Suite, Keane researched, conducted interviews, and wrote all the articles, and made all of the images and graphics that appear in both press kit and magazine.


In addition to this, a limited printed issue was created.  

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